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For over a decade now we have searched the world over to secure the
finest pure Janssen of Arendonk bloodlines. Coupled with an enormous amount of time and effort we have spared no expense in the endeavor to build this dynamic and diverse collection. In 2012 with the sad passing of the final brother 'Louis' (of the famous four Janssen Brothers) this racing pigeon dynasty came to an end.  However there remained a few dedicated and committed fanciers in the pigeon world who secured these sought after historical bloodlines. Now they continue to breed them pure and uninterrupted... Just as the Brothers did for over 125 years. 'Midnight Blue Racing Lofts is proudly numbered among those few.

From Belgium to Germany, from Holland to Ireland, here are the Originals from Arendonk, together with our collection of sons and daughters from the Originals. This unique collection of the Legendary Janssen Pigeons has no equal on the North American Continent. Indeed a very rare find in the diverse world of racing pigeons. Follow the exploits of Midnight Blue Racing Lofts ... as we continue to race and breed these Janssens pure and unabated.  

 Below you will find all fourteen of our unique collection of imports brought into America to continue the tradition and lines of the the World Famous Janssen Brothers of Arendonk 

'Schone Donkeren
​100% Gebr Janssen
Blue Check Cock


'Blauwen 77
​100% Gebr Janssen
​Blue Bar Cock


'Geschhelpt Klamperke
​100% Gebr Janssen
Blue Check Hen  ​​


'September Prinses ... a direct daughter from two 'Originals

'S eptember Prinses
​100% Gebr Janssen
​Blue Bar Hen


'Blue Dynasty
​100% Gebr Janssen


'Blauw Prinses ... a direct daughter from two 'Originals


'Jonge Geert
​100% Gebr Janssen
​Blue Check Cock ​​

'Geert ... a direct son from two 'Originals

'Super Vosse
​100% Gebr Janssen
Vosse Cock


'Supervosse ... a direct son from two 'Originals

'September Girl...a direct daughter from two 'Originals

'September Girl
​100% Gebr Janssen
​Blue Check Hen


'Chantilly 52
​100% Gebr Janssen
​Blue Check Hen


'Chantilly 52 ... a direct  Granddaughter from four 'Originals...in her extended pedigree you see that she is line bred to the world famous 'Chantilly line 


'Jonge Malie
​100% Gebr Janssen
Blue Bar Cock

'Jonge Malie ...A direct son to the 'Original Dochter Klamperke is douple Line-Bred back to the world Famous De 019

'Geeloger Jef ... a direct son from two 'Originals

'Geeloger Jef
​100% Gebr Janssen
​Blue Pencil Cock ​​



'New Lowieke
​100% Gebr Janssen
Dark Check Hen

'New Lowieke 34 ... a direct  Granddaughter from two 'Originals...in her extended pedigree you see the famous '019 and 'Jonge Merckx She is 100% Janssen of Arendonk

'Vosse Shock 326 ... a direct son from two 'Originals

'Vosse Shock
​100% Gebr Janssen
​Vosse Cock


'Herman De Voske
​100% Gebr Janssen
​Vosse Cock


Lot 19... Frank McLaughlin (Massachusetts)