Below are the Janssens we have bred and raced here at our lofts. here is a select group we offer for sale when we have some available. We have kept the legendary bloodlines from the Brothers of Arendonk pure, and continue to breed them with the same philosphy and techniques as we believe the Brothers would have utilized.  You can see for yourself that the rare quality of the Janssen pigeons from yesterday are still present today in our family.  We believe the Brothers would be pleased with our efforts....
  Because of the heavy demand for  our pure Janssens we are limited with pigeons for sale...  Prices for each pigeon vary ...  depending on what is available, and what pair they come from.  feel free to e-mail, call or text and i will be happy to see what i can do for you.    

​best wishes ... tom

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 'Vosse Shock
​A Direct son of two Originals born and bred at the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
  Here are four 'Red's ... two from our Herman De Vosse (Red Rum Line), and two from our 'Super vosse line.  These along with eight other later hatches (third Round) will be available this fall...normally by this time (September 2019) we are sold out. However we deceided to raise a few more ...due to the many requests for 100% Janssens ...We are a breeding and racing loft...40 plus years in the sport...and now in our 11th year focusing 100% of our efforts Breeding and racing from this incredible Janssen Line.

Soon we will add aditional pic's from all that are available, but we are waiting until they are a bit more mature allowing you to make a better determination of what might interest you....
 'Super Vosse
​A Direct son of two Originals born and bred at the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk
  There will be two available from our 'Blue Klamperke
  There will be two available from our #1 Son of Blue Klamperke...'Primary Blue
 'Sampson 77
Red Check Cock
​Foundational Breeder

 'De Vosse of 22
Red Check Cock
6th / 122 MI / 36 L / 162 P
53rd / 250 MI / 39 L / 483 P
​139th / 250 MI / 32 L / 338 P

 'Vosse of 57
Red Check Hen
​A direct daughter to our 'Blue Shock and Geschelpt Klamperke

 'Crimson De Vosse
Red Check Cock
​A direct son to 'Adriaan bred by the Janssen Brothers of Arendonk